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business communication

Understanding the Client-Consultant Relationship

Your business is a well-oiled machine, with business processes in place developed to drive it forward and a team to support them, but even if your company “has it all”, very few companies handle 100% of...

Steps to Building a Strawman Website Page Structure

A strawman page structure is as much a tool as it is an approach to identify and assemble indispensable elements to website pages.  It’s similar to the discipline required to convey a clear, concise and compelling...

The Strategy Behind Web Page Creation: Strawman Page Structure

The website development process has several stages, all of which are meant to work towards the most effective and results-driven website.  After the information architecture is complete, the next step is populating pages using a “strawman”...

competitive analysis

The Real Value Behind A Competitive Analysis

While it’s important to understand what’s happening in your industry, it’s equally important to understand that competitive analysis is about more than comparing creative assets, products and messaging. There is more to getting to the nitty...


Five Tips to Get your Emails Opened, Read and Clicked

While sending emails is easy, cutting through the daily clutter of messages your clients and prospects receive is not.  Now that more online activity is done on handheld devices than on desktop computers,  email campaigns should...

website design

Beyond the Website Launch: Updates and Maintenance

When was the last time you reviewed and/or updated your website? Websites play a critical role in the sales process and buying cycle. They are the online representation of your brand, a living-breathing crux of your company’s...