Social Media | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 2
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Facebook’s New Search Tool―Graph Search

Facebook recently made an announcement about their new search tool, Graph Search. This allows users to sift through their database, based on their social connections. The Graph Search focuses on people, photos, places, and interest. See

The Best Social Platforms for Local SEO

Let's first answer the question, what is local SEO? defines it as "A specialized kind of online marketing that increases visibility for businesses interested in ranking geographically". local SEO can also be described as one

Twitter: An Overlooked Business Tool

Companies that only view Twitter as a means of tweeting are missing their greatest values: identifying, listening, and connecting with potential customers…in real-time.  Combining Twitter with complimentary platforms from other companies makes it an underutilized marketing

Turn Your Linkedin Photo Into A Visual Profile

People recall information interpreted from a picture more vividly and for a longer period of time than words and sentences alone. Even from a quick scan, people experience a higher recall rate about what is

3 Content Development Secrets your Business Needs

When any company engages in a marketing strategy, content development is at the heart of the conversation. Content development can be used for website expansion, ad campaigns, blogs, twitter, and Facebook. In other words, without content