Social Media | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 4
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Internet Marketing Trends – Google+ Business Page

Last week, we started the discussion about Google+ for your business page. Like other social media sites, Google+ offers distinct advantages to businesses looking to extend their brand awareness and extend their reach to a new

Add Google+ to your Social Media Marketing Package

Businesses – it’s Time to Get Involved. With all the hype that preceded the introduction of Google+, the realization that it was not “ready” for business use was more than a little disappointing for most business owners.

Online PR and Social Media

When you decided to invest time and money into Social Media Marketing for your business, you probably had a few goals in mind, right? Garnering attention for your website, building awareness for your brand, maybe increasing

Facebook Promotional Guidelines

You’ve had success with your Facebook FAN page. Your FAN base continues to grow, you get regular comments and shares of your content. Great, right? Well, maybe you’re seeing growth, but are you seeing the same

Layouts Changes for Facebook and SEO

Yes, Facebook layouts have more changes. Users are up in arms and companies wonder how it will affect the SEO benefits that Facebook provides. Is there any negative effect to SEO for businesses? To put it

Integrate Social Media and SEO for Better ROI

It is the similarities between SEO and Social Media that allow them to work together easily to the benefit of your online business. How so, you ask? A Social Media plan relies largely on the content

Develop Marketing Strategies for Social Media

For brands using Social Media as an aspect of their web marketing plan, their social media strategy is the driving force behind how they approach their target market in the social media space. Without being redundant,

Benefits of Social Media for Business ROI

In recent posts, we discussed how to set value to your company’s social currency as well as how to best interact with the increasingly savvy social buyer. Think of those posts as the introductory conversation regarding