Social Media | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 5
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How to Measure Social Media Klout

As we’ve noted previously, Social Media is meant to be social. With that in mind, what does it mean to have social media influence? Are you the voice that people turn to listen to? Who is?

Social Media Marketing Management Builds Engagement

As companies continue to invest in social media to build their brand awareness online, the argument comparing the importance of “Like” quantity and “Like” quality for business Facebook pages keeps ongoing. On what side of the

Internet Marketing 101: Google+ for Business

Have you been hearing any of the chatter about Google+? This version of the Google Search Engine for networking allows for increased functionality than a standard Google profile and takes into consideration the social focus of

How to Engage Fans on Facebook and Convert Them

Businesses continue to increase their Social Media investment, and Facebook pages crop up every day for different brands looking to engage their audience in a more one-to-one setting. That being said, with the little thumbs up

Social Media Marketing Management for Merchants

As the retail industry continues to solidify after the last few years of declined overall sales, there is a shift happening within the industry towards Social Media, enabling retailers the ability to build sales and brand

Facebook and Smart Search Marketing

In both the B2B and B2C sectors, many brands are turning to Social Media Marketing to build brand awareness. While search engine marketing is still driven by Google, as brands continue to increase use of Facebook

7 Tips to Get Real with Social Strategies that Work

“Join the conversation”, “Connect online”, “Reach your audience”. We’ve heard the platitudes that surround business social media marketing, but with all the same things being said all over the web, we’re all a little snow-blind to

The Top 9 Benefits of Social Media for Business

We’ve all seen the statistics reports, the flurry of news coverage, and webinar/seminar presentations driven to convince businesses of the validity of Social Media Marketing engagement to build their brand presence. However, more often than not,

Social Strategies that Work to Promote your Online Content

You have your content strategy in place and the wheels are turning, fingers are tapping away building the engaging, keyword-oriented, and timely content that will draw the attention of your target market online. You have your