Social Media | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 6
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Twitter and SEO

Can you really increase your SEO by 140 characters at a time? Absolutely. Twitter is the most popular micro-blog site on the web, and companies with a well-thought-outTwitter strategy can really make headway for their brand.

Business and Social Media: FAN Page Changes

As any business owner or site administrator with a Facebook FAN pages knows, there are some significant changes coming down the pike for the layout, development and functionality of Facebook FAN pages. While theses upgrades aren’t

Social Strategies that Work

You consider yourself a marketing “guru”. You’ve worked in or followed the marketing industry for years and understand the important of research to build a strategy for your marketing goals, who you are targeting, how you

Business and Social Media: Cisco Case Study

NetProspex recently posted several social media case studies on their blog, and in reading them, we found the notes on Cisco’s B2B Social Media Marketing success to be particularly interesting. According to the post, Cisco recently won

How to Engage Fans on Facebook using your Profile and Graphics

With more than 1.5 million local businesses having Facebook Fan pages, according to recent statistics from, it’s becoming increasingly important that each page stand out to their target market so they can become a “Liked”

A Social Media Marketing Trend You Need to NOT Follow

The Trend: Talking the Talk of Facebook Fan and Twitter Follower Value Simply search for the phrase “Facebook FAN or Twitter Follower value” and you’ll have tens of thousands of results of blog posts, articles, and

Social Media Takes on TV

In the month when television ads kick up into high gear to sell, sell, sell the holiday spirit, recent reports have shown that Social Media may be inching into popularity in a realm normally covered by