Lead Management | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 4
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The Lead Generation Process: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

As a business owner, chances are you’ve begun looking more closely at your lead generation process. You know, the methods and tactics you put into place to drive targeted traffic to your website. More often than

Sending a Business Email that Drives Internet Leads

The goal of sending a business email is to drive internet leads. Regular email blasts are a staple in most business’ marketing strategies, however, they require proper management as well as a few starting guidelines to

How to Increase Sales Leads with your Website

Some of the most common differences between websites that generate leads and those that don’t include a presence of call-to-action-buttons, landing pages, and thank you pages.  All three elements work in concert to get a visitor’s attention,

Lead Generation Tactics: Link Building Services

Your website is the hub of our online marketing push. No matter your web marketing strategy, it is vital that you focus your efforts on lead generation tactics.   Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, businesses can become mired