Lead Management | Paradigm Productions, Inc. - Part 5
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Integrate Social Media and SEO for Better ROI

It is the similarities between SEO and Social Media that allow them to work together easily to the benefit of your online business. How so, you ask? A Social Media plan relies largely on the content

Benefits of Social Media for Business ROI

In recent posts, we discussed how to set value to your company’s social currency as well as how to best interact with the increasingly savvy social buyer. Think of those posts as the introductory conversation regarding

How to Engage Fans on Facebook and Convert Them

Businesses continue to increase their Social Media investment, and Facebook pages crop up every day for different brands looking to engage their audience in a more one-to-one setting. That being said, with the little thumbs up

Developing a Brand Across your Entire Web Marketing Campaign

In the highly competitive world of web marketing, one of the key goals of any company’s successful online marketing campaign is the ability to build brand awareness. However, building the inherent “front of mind” reaction in

Web Content Strategy for Higher Retention and Conversion

Five years ago, it was not uncommon to land on a website and have the benefit of facing brightly colored flashing or scrolling graphics promoting services or products. Websites were entertaining and drew the attention of

How to Do Web Design and Drive Sales

The average visitor decides to browse a Website or not in less than 8 seconds, so your Website needs to sell them on why they should stay. There are several aspects to a Website that can