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How to Avoid a Marketing and Branding Identity Crisis

Before leveraging your brand in lead generation campaigns, you must first determine how you want to be positioned within the mind of your target market, then monitor the ways you are actually perceived.Use the two simple

Creative Design, Branding and Marketing

Creative design and most creative work in general is a remix of existing elements from a multitude of sources; not a copy of any one, but an arrangement of many.  Once this understanding of creativity is

Defining Prospect Research for Web Design

Prospect research is the basis for your web design strategy. It gives you the needed insight to develop the most effective copy, layout, design, and experience for your online visitors. A very important point to remember

Strategic Marketing Tactics for Social Media Lead Generation

90% of communication is non-verbal.  So, while contacting potential customers via social media is an efficient first step to a strategic marketing effort, face-to-face meetings could make you even more effective. There are a couple of advantages

Increase Sales by Creating Sales Ready Prospects

There are ways to accelerate the sales cycle, read: “increase sales,” using a little forethought and simple automation.  Once implemented, you’ll capitalize on more opportunities, nurture more leads, and keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly. Here’s a