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Benefits of Online Marketing Done Right

Web marketing offers businesses a no barrier access point for their marketing plan. Because of this easy access, many companies view the process as “simple” and use their existing internal staff to build and manage their

Social Media Marketing Management for Business

In a recent presentation to Chicagoland Architects, Builders and Interior Designers, Morris Sneor, VP Sales & Marketing at Paradigm Productions discussed the ins and out of Social Media Marketing. Leveraging their experience in the industry and

Social Media Marketing Package Benefits for Business

As the statistics continue to show increases in usage of Social Media by consumers and businesses, the concern for most business owners lies in the time and cost involved with a Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Although the fundamentals of branding are straightforward, logical, and critical to a company’s ability to connect with its visitors, many companies overlook branding when designing, populating, or developing their Website.  However, those who do enjoy the

How to Do Web Design and Drive Sales

The average visitor decides to browse a Website or not in less than 8 seconds, so your Website needs to sell them on why they should stay. There are several aspects to a Website that can