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Online Tools

Sell more product through your dealers, sales, and distributor networks

Now there is a way for manufacturers to sell more of their product, faster, with less effort than ever before. Paradigm provides manufacturers with maintenance-free online tools that simplify the process of selling complex products and options throughout their dealer, sales, and distributor network. Using just one line of code, (which can be embedded on any website) manufacturers can help their outside sales network deliver interactive, engaging content and decision support applications that increase RFQ volume; accelerates the buyer’s decision-making process in your favor; reduces product returns; and creates a distinct competitive advantage.

It is easier to do business with manufacturers who provide visual, interactive, and engaging selling tools. The benefit of this significant value-added service not only translates to a distinct point of differentiation but a competitive advantage.

  • Simple to deploy, and scalable to any size sales network.
  • Maintenance free management enables manufacturers to keep their product information and applications correct, current, and consistent, without depending on their sales partners involvement.
  • Self-guided applications are simple to understand and intuitive to use which ensures adoption and utilization by your outside sales network and their customers.
  • Strengthen relationships by making it easier to sell and support your product than the competition.

Online Manufactuerer Sales Tools

Paradigm has the capabilities to create and customize an array of interactive and engaging modules that feature product configurators, product comparisons, electronic catalogs, calculators, custom portals and accommodate existing CAD Cam product files. Each online sales enablement tool is available with or without a Quote Cart. Because every manufacturer is unique, we customize our online sales enablement tools to align with the nuances of your specific situation and current workflow.

online tools screens

Product Configurator. Product configurators enabling users to create custom products themselves saving significant time and labor dealing with product specifications/configuration and order processing. Product configurators also prevents the incompatible combination of parts, as well as incomplete or inaccurate RFQ specs to minimize delays and potential product returns.

Product Comparison. A comparison tool allows users to see detailed side-by-side product specifications, which is especially helpful when evaluating products that are so similar, that the wrong product gets purchased.

E-Catalog. Electronic catalogs functionality provides a company’s catalog in electronic format, and generally includes the ability to find both standard or configured items through category drilldowns, searches, and filters. E-catalogs also allows users to obtain information such as sales sheets, product descriptions, and product images, making it very convenient to gather all needed information from one place. This functionality is especially useful when a company’s product line includes both standard and configured items. By integrating an E-catalog with a configurator, a quote or order containing both standard and configurable items can be constructed from a single source.

Quote Cart. Quote carts help companies improve the quality of the quotation sent to their customers. Quote carts work complimentary with product configurators, e-catalogs or by themselves like a check out cart but without prices or payment.

Personalized Portals. Distributor portals can be customized to reflect the unique factors used to manage existing accounts.  By offering distributors access to their own personalized portal, business hours can be extended to 24/7. Manufacturers that run lean or have distributors around the world find personalized distributor portals especially helpful. Each portal account is customized to accommodate salient and subtle differences between distributor to maximize sell-through including language; inventory status of past purchases (out-of-stock to running low); order history; special product pricing (by multiplier or even product specific pricing); discount structures; repeat orders; allowable limits, shipping, and payment terms.

For “preferential” treatment become your distributor’s favorite supplier by making it as easy for them to sell to customers, as it is to buy from you. To learn more contact us.