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Maintenance & Management

Co-Sourcing Builds On Your Marketing Department’s Momentum

Instantly increase your momentum by integrating our resources with yours.

Leaders are re-thinking the way they staff their teams because effective marketing today requires a new state-of-mind and approach; expertise in new tools and techniques; and a new type of talent and skill set.

For many companies, this means outsourcing all or parts of its planning, execution, and management.  However, we believe CO-SOURCING may be a better option.  Paradigm helps marketing departments HAVE IT ALL without doing it all. By connecting your resources with ours, your existing assets are optimized, momentum is instantly increased, and new opportunities are created.

With CO-SOURCING, virtually any company can now leverage Strategy, Marketing and Technology to expand their in-house capabilities without additional head count.

Paradigm’s CO-SOURCING service is a modular and integrated solution that supplements existing marketing teams, or serves as your virtual marketing department – if one does not already exist. Our assignments for select marketing tasks or functions are based on defined metrics which we execute against, track and report on. With a sense of ownership, we manage or co-manage an entire marketing process or select modules so your existing assets are optimized, and new opportunities are created.

CO-SOURCING makes sense for companies that:

  • Have diverse marketing needs but not enough time, energy or resources
  • Infrequently hire new employees and lack an objective outside perspective from “fresh blood”
  • Are growing quickly and need to fill marketing roles for the first time
  • Have open marketing positions
  • Have “marketing people” without the right mix of expertise or experience
  • Have the greatest “marketing people” in the world, but still need more resources and manpower