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Maintenance & Management

Sustainable Success From Continued Support

Build, maintain, or increase momentum

Websites are never completely done – even after they’ve been fully developed.

Once launched, they require constant updating, upgrading, and ongoing support. The problem is, it takes staff, time, and expertise to manage a website properly. Companies that don’t have access to full or part-time IT support and can’t properly and routinely maintain their websites experience downtime, failed functionality, security risks, and lost revenue potential due to neglect.

Paradigm offers functional and marketing management programs individualized to your company’s needs.

Functional Management

Our tailor-made functional plan is based on a range of capabilities to support your website’s operations.

MAINTENANCE: Automatic backups; monitoring and repairing broken links, broken codes, crawl errors, and issues related to speed and performance.

SECURITY: Security audits and updates; review clean inappropriate comments and SPAM; firewall maintenance of white and blacklisted IP addresses.

UPGRADES: The latest Content Management System platform, theme, and plug-ins are installed and functioning properly within your website, and with the most current release of today’s top search engines.

UPDATES: Update website copy, images, video, pages, attachments, files, etc. to maintain trust and confidence in your website and company.

Marketing Management

Because websites are “living entities” that require attention and nourishment to continually grow in effectiveness and maximize your return on investment, we offer marketing plans that generate leads, accelerate sales, and increase revenues.

Each is structured to strengthen your website’s online presence and effectiveness by integrating a customized selection of marketing services. Combined with our quarterly assessment of website traffic, visitor behavior, and goal conversions we ensure that your online activities remain consistent with your overall business goals.

IMPROVED INTERACTIONS: Enhance existing features and/or replace any weak points to take advantage of new but proven technological advancements.

CONTENT CREATION: Blogs, white papers, sales sheets, photography, and the like to attract search engines and satisfy inquiring customers.

VISUAL DESIGN: Ongoing recommendations for keeping your website’s theme, page layout, and graphic elements up to date and consistent with emerging trends and evolving expectations.

For companies with lean marketing departments, or “lone marketers” who have marketing as one of their many responsibilities, we offer a unique opportunity to leverage Paradigm’s subject matter expertise on demand. Our CO-SOURCING program offers the flexibility and feasibility of collaborating or outsourcing all or parts of your initiative, as you need to when you need to.

Virtually any company can now leverage Strategy, Marketing, and Technology to expand its in-house capabilities without additional headcount.

CO-SOURCING builds on your company’s existing marketing capabilities by integrating our resources with yours so that you could HAVE IT ALL without doing it all!

CO-SOURCING is ideal for companies that:

Have a lean marketing department or “lone marketer” capable of handling most, but not all marketing initiatives.

Require specific subject matter expertise from time to time that is not available in-house.

Need to meet a tight deadline but are short on time, energy, or resources, such as for a tradeshow, event, or new business opportunity.

Could benefit from a fresh idea from an outsider’s perspective.

Are growing quickly and need to temporarily fulfill marketing projects until full-time positions are filled.