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Strategy & Planning

Win Your Game Before It’s Played

Competitions are often won or lost before the first move is made.

The most successful outcomes begin with preparation, positioning, and planning.  That’s why Paradigm helps companies develop strategies and execute against them – because well-thought-out strategies make for better decisions, more wins, and better-served customers.

While execution is essential, research and analysis that precedes planning is paramount. In our view strategy is as much about execution as it is about restraint – a poor plan well executed is just as bad as a perfect plan poorly executed. For these reasons, strategic planning is integral to our modus operandi.

We begin each project by immersing ourselves in understanding your company, your customers, and the entire competitive landscape for a contextual appreciation of your situation. This stage is then followed by an evaluation for a holistic assessment of internal company objectives and resources to help you understand how to properly define and execute your marketing and business goals. With a laser focus on what’s really driving or hindering sales and profitability, we are able to craft an actionable plan that provides a strategic roadmap for making more informed decisions and measuring the success of future business interactions.

Executive Workshop For Strategic Planning

Achieving sustainable success takes the support of upper management. Paradigm’s Executive Workshop For Strategic Planning prepares leadership teams to make better real-time decisions with greater confidence. We do this by ensuring upper management shares a common understanding of its environment, challenges, opportunities, and economics before they encounter situations where critical strategic decisions need to be made on short notice.

Paradigm’s workshop facilitators are conveners of conversation and collaborate with clients to:

  • Pinpoint new opportunities, improve performance and reignite growth
  • Gain a sustainable advantage by being well positioned relative to the competition
  • Explore viable possibilities and emerging opportunities
  • Generate better and more creative ideas
  • Align online and offline marketing efforts
  • Define and target customer segments
  • Develop tagline options and meaningful marketing messages
  • Identify metrics to monitor success and enable quick corrective action