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Photography & Retouching

Sold at First Sight

Move More Product Faster with Professional Photography

Your mind processes visual imagery exponentially faster than letters and words. And because perception is reality, it is critical to make a positive impression on potential customers in milliseconds.

One simple, quick, and effective way is through professional photography.

Paradigm is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies move more products faster at tradeshows, online, and in print.


The Best Shot for New Business

Showcasing your product, people, and processes with high-quality commercial and industrial photography gives you the best shot at winning new business.

This is because many purchasing decisions are based on small, subtle impressions accumulated across a company’s marketing and sales touchpoints.

The Best Shot for New Business process, savvy manufacturers, distributors, and B2B marketers recognize “you cannot, not communicate” – everything our eyes sense causes some form of reaction – big or small – consciously or subconsciously.


It’s as Easy as “Show and Sell”

From our point of view, the role of visual marketing is to bring potential customers one step closer to a buying decision. Clear, captivating, photography proactively answers common questions; removes possible objections; and instills confidence and trust in working with you.

We make professional photography services effortless and affordable by going onsite to your location or taking photos at our office studio.

To accelerate sales, move more products, and increase your return on your marketing investment contact us today. We will help you make the most significant impact on your website, blogs, social media pages, brochures, sales sheets, and tradeshow materials.


iPhone & Android devices made strides in high quality photos. Is there really a difference between taking my own photos and using your service?

With the technology available in most handheld cameras and smartphones today, it is tempting to think that is all you need. While this arrangement may work at times, the expertise needed to compose a message visually; properly illuminate your subject based on the placement, distance, direction, intensity, and color temperature of your light source – all make a huge difference in the quality of your final image. Unless each photo is envisioned to serve a purpose within a broader context of a buyer’s decision-making process, the probability of using it to successfully move product rides on your luck.

Do we need to wait until the Coronavirus Pandemic is over?

No, this is the time. As businesses open up with Social Distance & Mask Requirements, we can get ensure you have digital assets that include the employee use of masks, in addition to photos without, after the pandemic is over.

We don't need lifestyle shots, only parts and prefer to lock down our facilities from outsiders in the foreseeable future. Can we ship our parts to your location?

Yes, we have full capabilities to shoot parts as large as X, and any size below in our office studios.

We do need high quality professional photos for our website. Can we use them for Trade Shows and other events when they open up again?

Yes, we take all of our photos in High Resolution that will allow phots as large as Trade Show booths, and smaller versions for use in Sales Collateral, and down to the smallest sizes required to drive website traffic through Social Media channels, online ads, etc.

I assume your agency will handle the photo retouching, image manipulation if needed, etc.?

Yes, we take a substantial number of photos in every photo shoot but not all of them will be used. After the photos are selected, we will treat & optimize every chosen photo to meet your objectives.

There is so much more to professional photography than just clicking a button. As Martin Parr famously said,

“Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.”