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Has Google+ Changed SEO in 2011?

Like a lot of Google-produced products or sites, Google+ has had a significant effect on how your business website will get traffic. This is of vital importance to just about any business owner with an online presence. SEO is a vital aspect to any website, but as many a business owner knows, cracking the code to gain better ranking and increase overall site traffic is key to building business.

Google+ is the newest addition to the Social Media network sites. Originally started as a personal site, it has naturally migrated to the B2B set and now is time to get your company involved. That being said, Google+ has brought its own set of intuitive adaptations and improvements to the Google search results table, including:

Smarter Google…

The Google search engine will be able to “learn” trends, topics and enhance its keyword results for those topics that are “hot” on the Google+ social media site. That means if you join the Google+ conversation with regular content, your topics and their subsequent keywords will gain better search results for your website links.

Decrease to SPAM Results

Because Google can now effectively “see” how their Google+ users interact and share content, Google will be able to see those site members that lean on automated content or overly promotional, spammy material in their interactions. This could make their site, and subsequently, their business, as suspicious, decreasing their search capacity. The Google+ content upload rule of thumb? Keep your content viable, timely and of use to your target market.

Sharing for Better SEO

Much like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ offers their version of a “share” button. The  “+1” button allows your content on Google+ plus to be shared by other Google+ site users top increase traffic and clicks to that page. Keep in mind that the +1 is tied to the page it is physically sitting on, so if you plan to run multiple marketing plans at a time with different subject matter using Google+ pages, having a dedicated landing page linked from Google+ to the relating dedicated landing page on your website for each initiative would gain the best Quality Scores for each individual page A website with multiple highly ranked “quality” pages will see an increase in traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you a business with a website? Are you on Google+? Build your Google+ page today and begin improving your SEO rank just by doing what you are already doing with your content – educating and informing your target audience every day.

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