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Leveraging LinkedIn To Develop New Business

Leveraging LinkedIn To Develop New Business

Leveraging LinkedIn To Develop New Business

If you are responsible for sales, LinkedIn is an essential tool to generate revenue. Using LinkedIn you can develop new business, boost brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections. Although LinkedIn has been around since 2002 it is underutilized by many companies. If you’re not sure how to tap into LinkedIn’s vast potential, here are a few suggestions to make the most of this platform:

1. Complete and Optimize Your Profile

Before anything else, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile reflects the best version of you and your business. A complete, up-to-date profile shows you are active, engaged, and the right partner for new business opportunities. Use the following recommendations to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Use a high-quality professional headshot. Selfies are perfect for Facebook but not advised for LinkedIn. Cropping your face out of photos with other people are not recommended either.
  • Fill the banner space in your profile with an image that represents your beliefs or reflects something important about you or your company.
  • Make sure your headline is clear, concise, and includes key industry terms to help others understand what you do.
  • In the “About” section include a positioning statement and your unique value proposition at the very beginning to increase the likelihood of being seen and read by potential customers.
  • Keep your experiences, skills, and endorsements sections updated.

2. Create and Share High-Value Content

Sharing and creating original content positions you as a thought leader in your industry, which can attract potential customers or partners. Your posts can include insights about your industry, your responses to industry news, or tips and advice. To elevate your visibility among your connections,

  • Publish posts regularly to reflect your expertise.
  • Use images, videos, and links to make your content more engaging.
  • Encourage your audience to interact with your content by asking questions or seeking their opinions.

3. Leverage the Power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are communities of professionals who share common industries, interests, or affiliations. They are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals beyond your immediate network.

  • Join groups relevant to your industry and actively participate in discussions.
  • Share your insights and contribute to the group’s knowledge base.
  • Avoid overtly promoting your business; focus on providing value.

4. Utilize LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Features

LinkedIn’s advanced search feature lets you pinpoint individuals or companies that fit your target customer profile.

  • Use filters such as location, industry, company size, and job title to refine your search.
  • Send personalized connection requests to potential leads.

5. Use LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting and Social Selling

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool specifically designed for sales professionals. It provides advanced search and lead recommendation features, making prospecting more efficient.

  • Use the tool to identify potential leads, understand what they’re interested in, and create personalized outreach strategies.
  • Establish a social selling routine: share content, engage with your connections’ updates, and build relationships before moving towards a sales pitch.

Remember, LinkedIn is a platform for building relationships so avoid the temptation to use it as a vehicle to spam your sales pitch. Be patient, personal, and persistent in your efforts, and over time, you’ll find LinkedIn to be an asset in building authentic relationships and developing new business opportunities.

If you are uncomfortable with LinkedIn or lack the time to leverage it, Paradigm provides programs to help you initiate contact, conversations, and conversions.

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