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How to Use Search Engine Optimization for your Google+ Page

You’ve followed the steps to build your Google+ Business Page, you understand the search benefits of your Google+ business page for your website, now it’s time to hit the ground running and start using the page for all it has to offer to your online business brand. That being said, like any Social Media platform, Google+ requires its users to regularly share informative and engaging content and actively involve themselves with the site to obtain the best results, in other words, optimizing their Google+ page.

The following six points will help you optimize your Google+ page to gain the best search results for your content on Google+ as well as the subsequent search engine optimization advantages your brand website will garner from this social media platform.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words (And its Weight in Comments!)

Like Facebook, Google+ business pages are reliant on the individual users, profiles, of Google+ to gain attention and responses to their content. By using graphics of photos as part of your content stream, images, slides, charts, etc., you increase your comment-value significantly more than by relying solely on textual content.

Don’t Be Shy

Each Google+ Business page offers a “Recommended Links” section on the right sidebar. Don’t overlook the potential to link to your press releases, blog posts, event news or other juicy tidbits. You’re not bragging, just sharing business news with your audience. Use this section as an “In the News” resource, and your page visitors will adapt to checking it more frequently.


Don’t just think of your Google+ business page as a one-way vehicle for website traffic. Be sure to get your Google+ page link on your blog and website to cross-promote and gain even more brand awareness.

Share and Share Alike

Social media is about give and take, share and share alike. So, if you see a post, picture, comment you like, share it to your circles, and ask that your connections do the same. You’ll get more bang for your buck as your content reaches a wider viewing audience based solely on shares.

Measure, Track and Adjust

Like any marketing tactic, results from your Google+ business page need regular monitoring and analyzing. If you take the time to see what content and activity is picked up and responded to most often by your connections, you can hone and adjust your Google+ marketing plan to increase traffic and brand awareness over time.

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