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3 Different Types of Social Media that Exists Today

Twitter       Facebook         LinkedIn

Want to shake up your social media marketing plan? Try these 3 new social media tools on for size and get a little more control of, and more results from, your social media marketing.


With social media, businesses can often be bogged down with the heavy content push required to “stay social”. Often times, posting tweets to Twitter can be some of the most cumbersome tasks. Why? The content has to be timely and targeted, and that takes research. Then, that research needs to be rebuilt into a 140 character tweet, including a link.

GroupTweet.com allows anyone with a Twitter account to have multiple administrators who can post tweets to your page. Time-saving to say the least…


First impressions are everything when it comes to online marketing and social media. If you are a small business or don’t have a web development consultant you work with, landerapp.com allows you to build a well-designed landing page for FREE, allowing for up to 500-page visitors a month. Fees increase after 500 visitors a month to your page but are nominal.

If you need to get more responses from your online marketing, a landing page is a great first step.


From the site: “The first-ever sector aware social media score of its kind, the Unmetric Score factors over 24 qualitative and quantitative parameters.” This paid service allows you to monitor Facebook and Twitter accounts you don’t own, offering detailed insights and statistics. You can compare social media output vs. effectiveness to gauge social media plan success.

The service is paid, however, but worth it for companies who want to get a good look at the social world, they are part of and adapt their online marketing strategy accordingly.

As a business owner, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the latest tools available and the newest trends in social media marketing. As this medium continues to infiltrate every industry, a social media consultant can keep you apprised of the best tools, sites, and strategies to employ to get measurable results from your social media marketing plan.

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