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Google Releasing Core and Spam Updates in March 2024

google releasing core and spam updates 3/24

Google is in the process of implementing a series of updates in March 2024, focusing on enhancing the quality of search results through core and spam updates. (For Goolge’s official blog on their March 2024 updates, click here).

March 2024 Core Update

The March 2024 Core Update, initiated on March 5th, aims to diminish the prevalence of unhelpful content in Google Search. This involves algorithmic improvements to the core ranking systems, refining quality rankings, and prioritizing the display of the most beneficial information while reducing unoriginal content. Google anticipates a collective reduction in low-quality and unoriginal content in search results through the combination of this update and previous efforts. The update specifically targets webpages perceived as "unhelpful," having a subpar user experience, or appearing designed for search engines rather than human users. The rollout of the core update is expected to take approximately one month to complete.

This March 2024 core update incorporates the helpful content system, previously updated in September 2023, with a revamped classifier integrated into the core update system.

March 2024 Spam Updates

In addition to the core update, Google is working on spam updates designed to complement the core update release. The spam updates address three areas of abuse.

1. Scaled Content Abuse

This update expands on the old "spammy automatically-generated content" policy, now encompassing any method of producing content at scale to manipulate search rankings. Google prohibits the use of automation, including generative AI, for the primary purpose of manipulating search results, targeting those who claim to have answers to popular searches but fail to deliver valuable content.

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2. Site Reputation Abuse

At times, websites known for their high-quality content may also feature subpar material from third parties, aiming to leverage the hosting site’s strong reputation. Such content, when ranked prominently in search results, can confuse or deceive visitors who expect a different standard from the hosting site’s content.

Google will classify very low-value, third-party content primarily generated for ranking purposes and lacking proper oversight from the website owner as spam.

3. Expired Domain Abuse

Google now considers the practice of buying expired domains and repurposing them with the intention of boosting search rankings for low-quality content as spam. This tactic, designed to trick users into associating new content with an old site, is strongly discouraged with their March 2024 update.

To avoid penalties from Google’s March 2024 updates, it is recommended to focus on creating helpful content for users rather than solely aiming to rank in search engines.

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