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How to Engage Fans on Facebook using your Profile and Graphics

With more than 1.5 million local businesses having Facebook Fan pages, according to recent statistics from www.digitialbuzzblog.com, it’s becoming increasingly important that each page stand out to their target market so they can become a “Liked” page. An interesting but often overlooked way to draw the attention of a potential target is to use the custom Facebook profile and Fan page graphic area as a free advertising space for the Fan page.

Who Wants to Know?

Think about it. With over 111 million Facebook users in the US alone, the reach is vast for companies utilizing the site as a promotional space. However, the average facebook user only “Likes” 4 pages, so it’s important to target your Facebook networking to those site users that most closely fit your target demographics. How? Think about the following points:

  • Location – are you a local or national business? Reach out to those Facebook users in your target geography for the highest potential of Fans.
  • Industry – Reach out to those Facebook users who are already involved or interested in your industry. Groups can help you locate these people.
  • Promotion offer: Be sure that those new “Friends” or Fans can take advantage of your ad promotion, keep in mind to whom your promotion applies and narrow your search to these Facebookers.

What Do You Say?

Once you know who you are speaking to on Facebook and know how to reach out to them, the time has come to build your profile or page ad. Keeping your target market in mind, build a graphic and text-oriented graphic that represents your latest promotions, event or news that will help draw more people to your Facebook profile or page. It’s possible to use one ad to entice people to become friends with your profile and then another to draw them into ”Liking” your Facebook Fan page. 

Consider creating the profile graphic to draw them to your website and then your Fan page graphic to inform them of your latest promotions on the site or at one of your locations.

With the marketing reach that Facebook offers to businesses, using the profile and page graphic space is an easy way to advertise a company to 4 billion people worldwide. Each business has to specifically define their target market to hone their profile and page “ads” to speak directly to those Facebook users that can benefit from their products and services.

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