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How to Increase Sales Leads with your Website

Some of the most common differences between websites that generate leads and those that don’t include a presence of call-to-action-buttons, landing pages, and thank you pages. 

All three elements work in concert to get a visitor’s attention, offer something valuable in exchange for a visitor’s contact information, and builds credibility by recommending additional
relevant materials.  More importantly, they work together to generate leads and bring visitors through your sales funnel.


Call-to-action (CTA) buttons grabs people’s attention and prompts visitors to take action. When clicked, it directs people to a custom tailored landing page where a visitor’s contact information is collected in exchange for a valuable marketing offer.

When first starting, it’s recommended to use different CTA buttons throughout the site, each with a different offer, to see which solicits the highest response.  The topic of each CTA button will be used as the theme to the follow up emails after a visitor leaves a site. Knowing what a visitor is interested in is key to understanding what content should be used in the nurturing campaign.


After prospects click on a call-to-action, they are linked to a landing page, sometimes called a “Lead Capture Page.”   The purpose of a landing page is to make it easy for prospects to complete a form and not abandon the process.  Once a completed form is submitted, a visitor becomes a lead with potential to be nurtured over time.  This is crucial since nearly 70% of qualified visitors ultimately become someone’s customer – so each time a visitor leaves a site without filling out a landing page form, a potential sale is lost.


Accompanying the receipt of a thank you page is a link to the promised offer.  In addition to expressing gratitude, Thank You pages provide an opportunity to further engage with your company via a blog link, newsletter subscription, additional resources of value, and or an opportunity to revisit your website.

After creating CTA buttons, landing pages, and thank you pages for your new lead generating website, they could be repurposed on blogs, facebook, newsletters, facebook, and other digital pages.

As much as call-to-action-buttons, landing pages, and thank you pages are to Lead Generation Websites contribute to its performance, a company’s success begins with a focus on its visitors. 

By sheer number, a company’s Website attracts more prospective customers than any other marketing channel, representing untapped sales potential if not yet mined. 

To learn more about common elements found in lead generation websites, download this free white paper now!

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