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Twitter and SEO

Can you really increase your SEO by 140 characters at a time? Absolutely. Twitter is the most popular micro-blog site on the web, and companies with a well-thought-outTwitter strategy can really make headway for their brand. Here are 7 ways you can enhance your SEO with your Twitter account:

1. All about You: Your Twitter profile includes a link to your website along with information about your business. Be sure not to overlook the importance of this aspect of your page. Keep the content directed to both your website and your target market to be sure they understand who your business is to them, right away. A well-worded profile or bio will drive relevant traffic to your site and help with conversions from site visitors to potential clients.

  • Well worded bio: @SouthwestAir Dallas, Texas. The LUV Airline! Planes can’t type so @christimcneill is piloting the Twitterverse! For official concerns please use the link provided.
  • Not so great version: @JoeBland USA, Texas. Internet Marketing Trainer, Mortgage Broker/REALTOR®http://JoeBland.com.

2. What’s in a Name? Only everything. As any business owner knows, the name of your business is the first impression your target market gets. The same goes for your brand name on Twitter. For every re-tweet and mention within your Twitter network, your brand rates are higher for your SEO.

3. Connection Question. Links in tweets are not new, but pairing them with effective keywords in your tweet improves your brand awareness. The subsequent click-throughs to your website will enhance your SEO organically.

4. Tag it and Bag it. Hashtags (or #hashtags) Hashtags are #keywords linked with a #, which allows for #trackingtweets and organization on #Twitter. They make it easy for companies to organize their tweets, but also allow for their contacts to follow a particular conversation on a given topic. With the ability to track the discussion, brand awareness increases as does conversion rate potential. With more awareness of your tweets, the potential for more click-thru’s exists as well, to boost SEO.

5. Now that your Mention it. Mentions are tweets that include a brand name, for example: “Here is a great article from #COMPANYNAME”. Your brand is then shared with any of the tweeting company’s followers. Keep track of your mentions because each one is extending your reach on Twitter and enhancing the SEO capability within that larger audience.

6. Give Back to the Community. Your Twitter community, that is. Re-tweeting and mentioning other’s posts and brands are part of the give-and-take nature of Social Media and rank your brand higher on the site.

7. Tell the World. Share a link to your Twitter page on your website home page to help site visitors find and follow you online. The more followers, the better the SEO potential.

By approaching your Twitter account with a targeted strategy, considering your target audience, their interests, and including hashtags, strong keywords, and links in your 140 character tweets, your website will see the ongoing organic (non-paid) SEO benefits that Social Media can provide.

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