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Use Strategic Website Copywriting for Better Marketing and Branding

Website copywriting encompasses every bit of your brand’s online effort from the actual website content, to your online offers and blog page. This content is the driver for your company’s ability to steer its marketing and branding efforts online, so it needs to be strategically planned and executed.

What do we mean by strategically planned? Writing with holistic purpose to achieve a key objective using a combination of select keywords, topics and target audience focus which align with one another. 

Strategic Web Copywriting in Four Simple Steps

In order to effectively enhance branding and marketing efforts with content marketing, you need to think about the goals of that content push. Do you want to engage a particular market segment? Are you interested in conversions, event registrations or brand building? What is your keyword strategy?

STEP 1:  S Define your goal before writing a word or researching a keyword phrase. Do you want your readers to register for an event, to download an offer or contact your sales team? These are all goals that web copywriting pieces can affect. Consider what action you want visitors to take and move on the step two, target market segmentation.

STEP 2:  If you’re building new offers on the website in the form of whitepapers or reports, question if they will they appeal to a specific target market segment. Is the topic trending with your audience?  Are you speaking their language from their point of view?  Are your keyword phrases about them or from them?  One to check is by looking at responses from your target audience or popular online hangouts to get into the right frame of mind.

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STEP 3:  Step three includes sourcing for your intended website copywriting content, which means you need to search online, using social media sites, online article posting sites or industry-related online publications that allow for guest content posting where your target market segment spends time online. Use keyword research within social media pages and groups, online publications and article marketing sites to see who is engaged in conversation around topics like those you intend to share. Start with the most active communities.

STEP 4:  Once you know where you intend to share your web copywriting content, you can begin your keyword research, to ensure that even the content that lives on your website gets the traffic it deserves. Keyword research tools allow you to get a comprehensive look at those related keywords that will gain the most attention from your target market. Using tools like the Google Keyword Tool or even Word Stream to research the highest ranked, lowest competitive terms is a great start.

Consistent, engaging, website copywriting is necessary for any brand to ensure they remain relevant.  If your brand is struggling with the effectiveness of your online content, it may be time to reach out to a partner that specializes in strategic web copywriting.

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