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Advanced your Brand Strategy by Developing an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page can play a critical role in your lead generation and brand strategy, so its development efforts are worth making it a high priority.  Think of your LinkedIn Company Page as a microsite dedicated to further engaging potential customers and building trust – two essentials found at the start of most ongoing relationships.

Here are four additional elements found on the most successful LinkedIn Company Pages.  Combined, they form the foundation to an engaging, educational and marketable LinkedIn Company Page.

1. Brand Consistency

The impressions potential customers formulate about your company on LinkedIn should be consistent with opinions they would have originated by interfacing with your company at any of
its other market touch-points.  Keep in mind that your LinkedIn Company Page is a microsite meant to support your brand strategy and enhance your lead generation process. So it’s important that its look and feel are cohesive and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing and sales efforts.  Start by verifying all content on it is up to date and conveys a consistent message. Images, colors, and tone should align with your overall marketing strategy and application.

2. Share and Share Alike

Make it easy and effortless for potential customers to make a corporate connection using these LinkedIn buttons.

  • Add a company follows button to encourage LinkedIn users to follow your page.
  • Add a LinkedIn share button to allow anyone who reads your educational blog posts
    and offers to share with their contacts.
  • Add a recommendation button to your LinkedIn company page to recommend your products and services.

brand strategy LinkedIn

Once you have the buttons on your site to help others share what you have to offer, it’s time to begin driving traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page.

3. Attract Attention brand build LinkedIn

As a microsite, the experience your LinkedIn page offers to visitors should be tailored to their profile (i.e. industry, company size, and other firmographics recognized digitally by your
LinkedIn Company Page.) This means building unique experiences based on visitor Persona.

  • LinkedIn now offers the option for businesses to
    add a banner image with a targeted Call-To-Action that could be linked to a dedicated landing page on your website. Craft an offer specifically for LinkedIn users, preferably one that gives them an incentive to follow your LinkedIn page for future updates or offers to further nurture leads.
  • Add YouTube links, email contact links, or links to specific product pages to your Product/Services page.
    • Run mini-campaigns within your product pages on a bi-monthly basis and share the links with target segments based on groups.

5. Educate and Engage

Give LinkedIn users a reason to follow and share educational and engaging content. As with any other lead generation process, the keys to great content are connecting with empathy,
sharing relevant and valuable insight, and motivating ongoing interaction.  Here are a few tips to spark interest.

  • Share your original updates as well as industry-related content from other LinkedIn users at least once a day.
  • Share other’s posts and ask them to do the same for your content.
  • Write a weekly blog post about your company events, innovations, industry news to show you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what matters to your target market.
  • Don’t just share written content, share videos, downloadable whitepapers, or reports as well as links to upcoming events with your contacts.

Leveraging a LinkedIn Company Page could be an extremely effective means of expanding your network, initiating relationships, and nurturing connections.

But it does require a well-thought strategy and consistent effort to recognize its full potential.  Look at your LinkedIn Company Page today and see if there’s anything you could tweak
based on what you’ve read in this posting.

Should you need assistance with a quick fix or major overhaul, there are a number of companies that can help.  If you would like my recommendations, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or M.Sneor@paradigm-il.clom.

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