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Build your Mobile Marketing Program

Mobile marketing is pushing forward full-steam ahead. While it has been used primarily as a B2C tactic, as executives become more reliant on their smartphones, there is a very real need for detailed and targeted mobile marketing strategies for all companies, B2C and B2B alike.

Forrester recently released a report noting 15 of the top mobile marketing best practices. Any business with a mobile target market needs to consider the following points:

  • Determine the varying levels of support and service for each target segment. The powerful targeting capabilities within a mobile marketing plan allow for advanced segmentation, and division, of your contact list. In other words, you can create micro-marketing campaigns tailored to any specific group within your contact list. To properly support each of the individual segments of your marketing contacts requires follow-up messages and continued service options to successfully build your contact list.
  • Determine how users will be provisioned with enterprise-class applications. This mobile marketing best-practice tip denotes the need to make any web content mobile-friendly, as well as allow for access from any smartphone or handheld computer. As mobile becomes more normal than an anomaly, the need to take mobile marketing strategies into consideration at the initial steps of web marketing, like the creation of a website, will be required.
  • Employ strong security policies to deter security breaches. One of the main concerns when opening mobile access to websites and pages is that they are being breached unlawfully. It’s important to keep your sites and profiles secure while still increasing your marketing reach and brand building.

Businesses need to continue to move into the mobile space to stay competitive. Keeping the notes best practices in mind, company owners that want to compete should employ a skilled IT and web marketing company that understands the shifting intricacies of mobile marketing and how it can affect a web marketing plan.

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