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What Makes Up Effective Social Media Marketing Services?

So, if you’re a business owner, you’ve heard of social media marketing services. There’s also a good chance you’ve had prospective vendors reach out to you telling you why you need social media marketing services for your company beyond just having a Facebook page or a Google+ profile. While each may have a different approach all may still be right because there is no cookie-cutter strategy to an effective social media marketing services plan. The level of effectiveness will be influenced by the WHYs and HOWs of the social media strategy, including:


Why do you choose one Social Media Site over Another?

Social media, while no longer in its infancy as a marketing option still confounds a lot of business owners. The reality is that like any other form of marketing, before investing in social media marketing services, it’s vital to know WHERE your target audience spends their time within the social media realm

By doing some market research and hunting down topics that relate to your industry in each of the following social media sites, we can get an idea of who is talking about it, and on which sites they primarily exist.

Guidelines for the most popular social media sites are:

  • LinkedIn – Business to Business
  • Facebook – Primarily Business to Consumer, some Business to Business Focus
  • Twitter – Business to Business and Business to Consumer
  • Google+ – Primarily Business to Consumer, some Business to Business Focus

Here’s a snapshot of a few examples of business to social media relationships- (samples of where you may find certain target markets in the social-media sphere).

Scenario 1

  • Target Market – 25-45 year old women
  • Services offered to Target – coupon sharing at a small fee.
    • Social Media Site Prescription – Facebook, Twitter

Scenario 2

  • Target Market – 35-65, business owners in the manufacturing industry
  •  Services offered to Target – business software solutions.
    • Social Media Site Prescription – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+

The different combinations used illustrates that not all social media sites are right for every situation. The scenarios above are only high-level samples and could be fine-tuned based on further information about the target market and businesses.

How do you reach your Target Market using Social Media Marketing Services?

There are multitudes of methods of communication available to businesses looking to inform, educate or entice their target audience via social media. Like the WHY factor, HOW you elect to connect with your audience using social media can be as unique as the sites you select for your social media marketing services plan.

So, what are the types of content you can share?

  • Blogs
  • Posts, tweets with links to web pages, press releases, articles, landing pages
  • Sharing Photos, Videos
  • Contests

Where do you share content?

  • Facebook – Fan Pages, Profiles, Groups, Pinterest
  • LinkedIn – Profiles, Groups, Company Pages
  • Twitter – Profile
  • Google+ – Business Page, Profile, Circles

So, as you can see, there is more to social media marketing services than just having a Facebook page or a Google+ profile. To successfully implement social media marketing services, you need to think about the WHY and HOW of your strategy.

Need a little help? Give an experienced social media marketing services agency a call and get your brand on the social media marketing path.

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