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Three Simple Tactics to Increase Conversion Rates

landing page conversionWhen creating a strategy behind a lead generation process, businesses need to consider the final step in the process, landing page conversion.

Landing pages are the destination intended by any inbound marketing effort. Whether it be a blog post that readers see when they click the “read more” link, or a dedicated landing page where visits are driven from a LinkedIn Ad or website offer, your landing pages exist with one goal and one goal only – to increase conversion rates. To garner the best results from your landing pages, include the following three tactics in each and every page.

1.        Offer Tempting Details

When someone raises their hand and says “yes, I want to learn more about (insert the topic of your offer or inbound marketing tactic here)”, it’s not a guarantee that they will share their contact information to receive the content that drew their interest. To nudge them into action, be sure that you give them a little teaser of the content they will be receiving.

For example, say that your offer was a download of a white paper titled “Three Must Have Email Marketing Tips for your Business”. When your prospect clicks on the offer and ends up on the dedicated landing page, your lead generation process strategy has to consider the “hot” details in that content that will increase conversion rates on the page. Once you select one or two enticing details your readers want to know, give them a short introduction to the content piece, maybe three sentences and then a bulleted list that refers to those hot details. Leave the really meaty details for the offer content. By offering up some insight into the potentials of the content, you increase the likelihood of the landing page conversion exponentially.

2.        Stay Top Of Mind

Site visitors are in a variety of stages in the buying process when they respond to your inbound marketing efforts. In the case that they are not ready to buy when they do reach your website, it’s an important inbound marketing tactic to keep your company in front of them using email marketing. The contact form on your landing page not only allows you to send the content they were interested in, (like a No Risk Offer white paper or report), it allows you to build a database of prospects that have offered up their email address and said “yes, I want to hear from you.”

Within your contact form, be sure to ask for their first and last name, and email address. That way, you can personalize your emails, which has been proven to get more response than emails not addressing the reader by name.

Your contact form should also note that you will not share or sell their contact information, and that their email address will only be used. The permission-based information gathering allows you to stay in touch with your contacts indefinitely and with no concern about SPAM listing for your email efforts.

3.       Offer One More Thing

Start compounding the potential of your landing page conversion rate by adding a call to action button to a related offer for download, or an upcoming event to attend.

While you will not increase your contact database with this effort, you will increase the trust your landing page visitors have in your company through increased content sharing.

The lead generation process is not as simple as sharing content then watching the leads roll in. There has to be a very specific, well-thought-out strategy in place before a single piece of content is written. Landing pages act as the final driver to increase conversion rates. They need to offer as many trust-building tactics as possible to effect the outcome. 

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